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Therapy or Self Development?

Self Development
Seeing a psychotherapist is usually seen as necessary only when something is "wrong" or needs to be "sorted out". This is certainly perhaps the most important area of work I do as a psychotherapist.
Beyond this part of my work I also offer help and support with Self-Development. Clients who come to see me for this purpose generally feel good about themselves, but are aware that they do not entirely fulfil their full potential. They may have lost sight of their path in life or just have the feeling that there is more to life than what they are living at the present moment. Others may feel that there are conflicting parts in themselves, which do not cause trouble at the moment, but feel that they should be listened to. And yet others know what they want to develop, but don't quite know how or are lacking the confidence to begin with it.
In cases like these I can help you finding out what needs to be done, find the resources necessary to do it and also help you to acquire the skills and develop the inner qualities that are necessary to achieve your goals. For further information you can contact me to find out more.
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